Check out my video for you below where I share the details of the Primalista Opportunity PLUS the mega Bonus Stack 



The Licence To Sell A Much-Loved Brand And Products

The Primal Alternative brand is loved and respected by industry leaders and influencers alike – giving you an established market to sell to straight away!

Access A Supportive Community Of Like-Minded Primalistas

97% of Primalistas say the Primal Alternative community is non-competitive and super supportive with everyone dedicated to helping each other succeed!

Full Support Setting Up Your Food Business Registration

We’ll help you with your business registration, connect you with suppliers, provide sales training and more – everything you need to grow a super-successful business

Simple Video Recipes For Delicious Foods People LOVE

Bake scrumptious and healthy breads, pizza bases, pastry, cookies, granola and more – 96% of Primalistas say the recipes are super easy to follow!

A Complete Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

Receive comprehensive marketing training, techniques and templates you can use to attract a crowd of new customers and rapidly grow your business!

“I was looking for something to replace my dwindling main job.  It was great to be able to continue baking and delivering through lockdowns and now with supply chain issues the markets are very busy. I’m very efficient with my time and baking now, easy peasy.  I’ve made some great sista friends.  The Licence is very flexible you can bake what you want.”

Primalista Terri, VIC
(Since 2018)

“I love Primal Alternative it’s so do-able! No more day dreaming of starting my own business because I’ve actually made it happen! And there’s no prouder feeling of seeing something fabulous, healthy & wholesome YOU’VE made on the supermarket shelves. This business actually changes lives..”

Primalista Helen Primal Alternative Byron Bay

(Since 2018)

“I was interested in the Primalista Licence as it offered me the flexibility of working from home and utilising my baking skills.  I was surprised at how quick the cashflow was.  People stop me in the street or supermarket asking for the products and placing orders. It’s so great, and can work for anyone.  It’s cruisey, but fluent and productive. The support is phenomenal. It’s so easy to love what you do when it works for you.”

Primalista Amie, WA
(Since 2020)


Payment Options

Payment Plan

$497 x 12

+ $130 Monthly Membership

$0 Joining Fee (save $1,000)

Most flexible

So that's $627 for 12 months, then just $130 per month after that


Upfront Payment


+$130 Monthly Membership

$0 Joining Fee (save $1,502)

Best Value

So that's $5627 now, then just $130 per month after that


Offer Closing Soon!










Unlock Over $11,000 in Value with Our Exclusive Bonus Stack - Join Now Before May 21st!

Transform your business and personal life with a bonus stack worth over $11,000, including personalised guidance from an experienced business leader, practical tips for improving health and well-being, training on sales and money management skills, and all the necessary equipment and materials to start baking and selling your products professionally.

Join before May 21 and receive this life-changing offer, but don't wait, this limited-time offer ends soon. 

Support & Mentor Bonuses

6 week newbie quick start group coaching program to get you Open For Business, Equipped & Making Sales

Includes: exclusive Facebook Group for newbie support + 3 x group coaching sessions, step by step video training over six weeks, you can tick off your progress

Value $4,000

Brand new program to help take your business to the next level by increasing your Reach, Impact, Success and Experience

Exclusively for experienced business owners (3-6 months+)

Helps dial down on your marketing and mindset to help your momentum and get you moving towards your ideal vision for the future whilst enjoying the journey

Value $4,000

With Primal Alternative Founder and successful entrepreneur Helen Marshall. Get personalised guidance, feedback, and valuable insights from a successful business leader to overcome challenges and gain wisdom in your entrepreneurial journey.

Value $220

Lean Start Up Bonus

A Baking Starter Kit including:

  • Organic, Fair trade Primal Alternative apron with your name and state on
  • 6 Primal Alternative bread tins
  • 200 compostable cellophane bags for our pizza, bread and cookies
  • 220 personalised product labels

This bonus will help you jumpstart your baking business with all the essential equipment and materials you need, save time and money while building your brand with personalised labels and packaging. That's enough bags and labels for your first $3,000 of sales!

Value: $428

Health & Wellbeing Bonuses

Optimise your health by reconnecting to your ‘why’ and gaining fresh inspiration on Food, Movement, Mindset and Lifestyle. Online Course. Start whenever you like.

Value: $197

An 18 page downloadable PDF to guide you to define and create a thriving business on your terms

Value: $220

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Course specific for Primalistas to help unlock any limiting beliefs standing in the way of you and your business success. Online Course. Start whenever you like

Value $49

This bonus will boost your mental and physical wellbeing with practical guidance on food, movement, mindset, and lifestyle, create a thriving business with a downloadable blueprint, and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals.

Money Saving Bonus

Our Joining Fee is usually $1,000 - save $1,000 with this money saving bonus!

Sales & Money Management Bonuses

Allocate your business income and make profit first with this training on finance from a Profit First Professional Natalie Waugh

Value $295

Sales is just enthusiasm transferred and in my video training course I'll teach you how to share what you do and make offers in an ethical and authentic way

It's true, you can make sales and still be you!

Value $979

With this bonus you'll gain essential sales and money management skills to make profit first and sell your products in an ethical and authentic way with our Profit First Masterclass and Primalista Sales Training Course, valued at $1,274.

Total value of all bonuses: over $11,000.

Please note that this mega bonus stack is worth almost twice the cost of the Primalista Licence, and regardless of your business performance or goals, the skills you'll learn are for life and transferable to many areas. Think of these bonuses as a powerful personal growth tool that will help you not just in business, but in your overall wellbeing, money management, and in creating a lifestyle that's aligned with your passions and values.

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